Diamond, also known as diamond, replica Van Cleef jewelry diamond known as the “gem of the king”, it has a high hardness, high melting point, strong refractive index, strong dispersion. Diamond is precious and beautiful, since ancient times, it has been given a lot of beautiful legends, because of its hard qualities, but also by lovers as a symbol of loyal love, passing the promise of love. A deep affection to send diamonds, then, what is the meaning of diamonds?

What is the meaning of diamonds?

Meaning one, diamond is the representative of infinite wealth. As a gem, prepared for the beautiful, durable and scarce these three necessary conditions must be provided. Diamond is the only set of the highest hardness, strong refractive index and high dispersion in one of the gem varieties, is any other gem is unparalleled. This treasure of the treasures will naturally become expensive in the expensive.

The diamonds are the eternal presence, and in the depths of the earth the fiery magma is washed along the pipe tens of millions of years because the crater is often blocked and the rising magma is cooled under very great pressure. Which contains a small amount of pure carbon in this high temperature and great pressure crystallization into a diamond. The diamond is the longest stone on earth, is the everlasting stone, is the eternal existence of the representative.

Meaning three, Amulette de Cartier Earrings Outlet diamonds are pure love on behalf of the diamond pure and transparent and lasting, and the diamond ring is like a lover’s bright eyes watching you, said the eternal pursuit of love and loyalty. Austrian grandmother Maximilian in 1477 and the French Princess Mary, when sent to Princess Mary to bring a letter, the letter said: “the date of the date, the princess must wear a diamond- Ring. “Since then, the diamond ring has become a match between lovers, and has been circulating so far.

Meaning four, diamonds is the representative of the infinite power, the emperors will be drilled as a sign of unlimited power, as a treasure, deep palace, from generation to generation. Cullinan Diamond weighs 3106 carats, discovered on January 25, 1905 in Dulansva mine in South Africa by Wells. February 10, 1908 began to cut. Cullinan No. 1 named “African Star”, weighing 530.20 carats, is by far the largest diamond processed into finished products, embedded in the British king’s scepter.

Wearing a diamond on behalf of the meaning

1. Rings worn on different fingers, can reflect the psychological Knockoff Amulette de Cartier Bracelet meaning associated with the character. Hi wear in the index finger, character more extreme stubborn. Hi in the right middle finger, advocating the doctrine of the concept of life. Hi wearing the left middle finger, there is a sense of responsibility, attention to the family. Hi wearing a little finger, there is a sense of inferiority. Likes to wear in the ring finger, no ambition, easy-going, do not care about gains and losses.

The ring with a gemstone has a different meaning. Diamonds symbolic eternal, in Europe and the United States, every anniversary of the wedding, the husband should generally give their wife a diamond ring and precious metals, to show love loyalty. Jade said that love, pearls that noble, amethyst that healthy, smart and lucky.

3. There is also a ring, when you wear it, no matter where you wear do not have any meaning, this ring is the general flower ring. This ring is a decorative effect, you can wear any finger you want to wear. The ring is very strange to wear on the thumb, so it is not recommended. Rings worn on the index finger, the feeling is more personal claims.

4. The most formal wear Diana is too worn on the middle finger, if you do not want to have a formal feeling, you can add a simple left or right ring. Ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring, ring finger looks slim, so no matter what the ring, wear up the standard is delicate.

5. The freshest way to wear, is to put the ring on the little finger. A small, simple tail ring, so that the hands of women inexplicably cute, generally on behalf of “I just want to single, please do not waste time to pursue me” means.

When choosing a diamond ring, what should you watch?

Select the diamond Trinity de Cartier Necklace Knockoff ring, the general will refer to 4C, it is to determine a more important diamond standards, but do not have to be too rigidly adhere to this standard, especially the wedding ring, it is a lifetime wear jewelry, but also has extraordinary significance, so their own Like it is the key.

The so-called “good horse with a good saddle”, as the most precious jewelry material, diamonds must be inlaid with other materials to play its charm. So what kind of diamond inlaid material? What are the inlaid diamonds? Here are some of the most suitable for inlaid diamond material, we can refer to!

What kind of diamond inlaid material is good

What kind of diamond inlay – Platinum

Wear to avoid hook, pull, pull, pressure, especially the mechanism of hard chain. And gold jewelry should not wear at the same time, because the gold is soft, if friction with each other, not only will damage the gold jewelry, gold will also be dyed in platinum, so that yellow gold jewelry for a long time, Color, to the professional jewelry store for cleaning protection.

What kind of diamond inlaid material is good – gold

Pure gold jewelry and mercury, lead and other metal from the chemical changes, so that gold jewelry appears white spots, but after the fire can restore the primary colors.

What kind of metal is inlaid with diamonds? Precious metals

To avoid the use of rough environment in the use of wear or contact with acid and alkali environment, so as not to surface corrosion of the metal layer was corrosion.

Inlaid diamonds with what material is good – colored gem

Red sapphire strong acid, alkali and hardness after the diamond, Knockoff Trinity de Cartier Ring in the exercise or do housework, should also try to avoid wearing, so as not to cause damage or loss of precious stones.

What kind of diamond inlaid material – pearl

If it is not properly maintained, it will lose the luster, if not wear, apply pure water rinse, and then placed in a soft silk bag to save. Avoid contact with acidic or alkaline substances, to avoid contact with high temperature. Housework, into the bathroom bath, you should remove the pearl jewelry.

What kind of diamond inlaid material is good – emerald

Hard but brittle, easily cracked or broken by external forces, to avoid external shock or fall when wearing. Avoid contact with high temperature, so as to avoid cracking caused by emerald water.

What kind of diamond inlaid material? The above describes the most suitable for the diamond inlaid material, is also the most popular ring material, we can refer to!