Dial like a watch face, the pointer is above the time to indicate the signs, often time seconds and three pointers. The watchmaker succeeded in real 18k gold cartier love bracelet making three coaxial tubes, small in the big inside; pushing the tube to the bottom of the gear; the three gears were highlighted on the dial, the height was different, ensuring that the pointer did not interfere with each other The

The shape of the pointer more, but because the weight of the pointer will affect the accuracy of time, so regardless of how the shape of the pointer fancy, material or common brass, K gold, or blue steel-based, in order to control the stability of  the weight range Inside. While the second hand in addition to thin materials, both ends of the average weight is sufficient to affect the accuracy. In addition to the more durable, the pointer will be plated with easy to oxidize the rhodium metal, the surface is more bright and weary. Blue steel is also called roast blue, is through a special cooking process after manufacturing, issued a blue halo color.

Common indicators are Breguet pointer, willow pointer, stick pointer, arrow pointer, sword-shaped pointer, spades pointer, diamond pointer,real 18k gold Cartier Nail bracelet Louis pointer.

For fluorescent display, the early use of fluorescent paint for the radium, until the 20th century, 40 years found that excessive radiation Radium and stop using. The current luminous function is coated with deuterium on the surface, although radioactive, but the energy is very low, can be metal and glass absorption, and will not affect human health.

LOOKING GLASS (LOOKING GLASS): that is, the watch surface transparent lens, also known as watch glass, used to protect the watch surface (dial). Table mirror by material can be divided into synthetic glass table mirror, mineral crystal glass mirror, sapphire crystal glass mirror, and other three categories. Synthetic glass table mirror is not afraid of throwing, sapphire mirror the most wearable.

Watch table mirror


1, sapphire crystal glass table mirror

Sapphire is a kind of natural diamond, with the synthesis of real 18k gold Van Cleef Butterfly Ring alumina with high anti-wear and anti-corrosion effect. Hardness of 2200-2300 domain (steel hardness of seven times), Mohs hardness of 9, its hardness after the diamond, high hardness, good light, friction is small, high temperature, wear resistance, it can solve the scratch , Aging, corrosion and other issues, but fragile. Commonly used as a watch mirror and perspective cover. (Usually used for high-end watches.)

Sapphire crystal can not be ground on the ground  or ordinary glass? Can not, because the ground or ordinary glass may contain diamond or diamond powder and debris, if you will hit the sapphire crystal flower; the other case is hit with sapphire crystal soft material attached to the sapphire crystal, resulting in sapphire Crystal is cut flowers, this is a false impression of flowers, can be polished by the master to restore.

Sapphire crystal glass table mirror details

2, synthetic glass table mirror

Synthetic glass, commonly known as acrylic, that is, plexiglass, is a watch surface material, texture is soft, high plasticity. Past watches used most of this material, there are still many watches in use.

The disadvantage of this material is easy to scratch, and the transparency is slightly worse. Although it is easy to scratch, but when it appears scratches, people can ask the watch division directly on the glass polished to restore the original smooth mirror, so no need to replace real 18k gold cartier nail pendant the lens. If the scratches are too deep, you can also choose to replace the mirror directly, the acrylic mirror is very cheap. The advantage is a very good flexibility, not easy to break, so called safety glass. Plexiglass strength is relatively high, anti-tensile and impact resistance than ordinary glass 7 to 18 times higher. There is a special heated and stretched plexiglass, nail into the plexiglass, even if the nail penetrated, plexiglass does not produce cracks. Because of this feature, it is widely used in military machinery, such as the aircraft on the cockpit cover, such as armored vehicles on the windshield, such as the oldest pocket watch.

Synthetic glass table mirror For more information

3, mineral crystal glass table mirror

Mineral crystal glass table mirror is a kind of watch mirror material, usually after polishing and then strengthen the hardness, but the hardness is still inferior to sapphire crystal mirror. Mineral crystal glass called artificial crystal, due to the rare crystal and not easy to mining, can not meet the needs of people, artificial crystal glass was born. As a result of high permeability, can be made of various crafts and greatly favored by the world. Mineral crystal glass is made of silicon (Silica) and lead oxide (follow-up lead-free crystal using other materials, such as potassium oxide, barium oxide, etc.) together, so that crystal is particularly shiny, clarity is from the grinding technology plus quality.

Mineral crystal glass table mirror detailed class

4, often hear the anti-glare mirror what is it?

In simple terms, anti-glare mirror is in the lens plating multi-layer film, so attached to the lens to prevent light refraction, similar to car insulation paper, also known as multi-layer film or color clothing, commonly used in professional aviation, Mirror curvature is very large on the table. And is divided into double anti-glare glass  and single-layer anti-glare glass, the difference is that the former both inside and outside the lens are plated, the latter only in the glass inside the coating, the difference between the two little difference.

Mineral crystal glass table mirror, synthetic glass and sapphire crystal glass table mirror difference

Mineral crystal glass table mirror, Cartier panther ring real 18k gold synthetic glass and sapphire crystal glass mirror appearance is very similar, but it is three completely different substances. The main difference is the following four aspects:

1, different materials: mineral crystal glass table mirror is the crystallization of silica, synthetic glass is only a mixture of silica melting state, sapphire crystal glass mirror is to remove the iron oxide and titanium oxide and other impurities in the aluminum oxide The

2, the price is different: sapphire crystal glass the highest price, followed by mineral crystal glass, the cheapest for the synthesis of glass table mirror.

3, the hardness is different: sapphire crystal glass mirror the highest hardness (Mo’s 9), mineral crystal glass is a crystal, but also has more hardness (Mohs 7). While the hardness of synthetic glass is low (Mohs 5.5).

4, different processing technology: synthetic glass can be hot cast molding, save the province of labor, low cost Mineral crystal glass and mineral crystal glass is a crystal, can not be reversed after heating, so it can not be used hot casting method, can only be used for cutting and other cold processing. Sapphire crystal glass is made of crystal powder heated to above 2000 ° C. Then the resulting sapphire block is cut into fine slices with extremely high precision, and then trimmed and polished for use as watch glass.

How do these three kinds of glass table mirror identify?

First of all, you can tap your eyes with your fingers and listen carefully. Acrylic mirror will be issued like a plastic sound, and the sound of the glass is thicker. Second, you can judge from the weight point of view, the most light acrylic mirror, sapphire mirror the most important. As the sapphire thermal effect is very good, so when you touch the time, there will be a sense of cold. As the mirror of sapphire than the other two kinds of material mirror smooth, so if you drop a drop of drops on the sapphire mirror, water droplets in the above is not easy to spread, and other materials will be scattered into one.