In ancient times, the “ruby necklace” refers to all the red gem necklace, including red corundum, red spinel, red zircon, iron and aluminum Cheap Van Cleef Clover Earrings garnet, magnesia garnet, red tourmaline and so on. As time goes on, the definition of the ruby necklace has changed. In the modern jewelry industry, the ruby necklace has become a gem-level red corundum proper noun, also known as corundum red necklace.

Ruby necklace is a dazzling gem necklace, but also status is not inferior to the diamond necklace with the most suitable color gemstone necklace, glamorous and moving woman wearing a gorgeous drops of ruby necklace highlight the style, Ambilight ruby necklace set out Woman white and tender skin and refined face, can be described as a bright spot, so the ruby necklace by many fashionable women’s favorite!

Ruby necklace prices in more than a thousand to tens of thousands of tens of thousands of thousands, or even millions of have. Generally a few thousand dollars of ruby necklace, is made of ruby pendant and necklace with, so the price will be more affordable. And hundreds of thousands of millions of ruby necklace, it is made of high-quality ruby made of the necklace, will be more luxurious, more stylish and beautiful, so the price is higher.

Ruby necklace is expensive, therefore, false endless, some bad business, will be synthetic ruby labeled ruby, sold at high prices, it is not allowed. In the market, in the regular shopping malls are likely to buy artificial ruby necklace, therefore, before buying a ruby necklace, it is best to know the basic Cheap Van Cleef Clover Necklace identification method, or bought, to the professional identification of identification agencies in order to avoid buying fake goods.

Ruby necklace wear, but also pay attention to with, with properly, to be able to show the best with the effect. Jewelry with the process, the most stress with the benefits, ruby necklace with the so, and wearer to their own color, clothing, face, hair and so on with a comprehensive, echo each other, set off each other. Such as the body as a whole symmetry, the pursuit of fashionable female friends, fashion style, beautifully stylized, reflecting the personality of the ruby necklace is their best partner, slightly fancy little ruby pendant more able to highlight their personality and lively.

Tourmaline prices

In recent years, tourmaline prices have been rising, in just a few years the price rose 10 times, and now also rose by about 30% per year. For example, five years ago, tourmaline was only 50 yuan / g, now up four or five times, fineness better tourmaline beads string 200 yuan / gram. Tourmaline is a high-grade gemstones, colorful and colorful, often made of tourmaline necklace, tourmaline pendant, tourmaline earrings, tourmaline rings, tourmaline bracelet and so on.

Tourmaline prices are mainly to see its color, clarity, weight, cut and so on. Tourmaline color to red tourmaline, for example, the more rich the price of Cheap Van Cleef Clover Bracelet color, do not take other colors, such as brown, pink prices are cheaper than the pink tourmaline. The more clean the tourmaline tourmaline, the more expensive, especially the red tourmaline, because the red tourmaline is the color element is manganese, but also lead to the contents of the red tourmaline inclusions, the general red tourmaline clean little, if the same size , The same color, clean tourmaline prices will be relatively expensive.

Tourmaline heavier weight, the greater the volume, and certainly the more valuable, and this is a lot of gems are the same reason. Tourmaline facet and plain cut, usually high-quality choice of tourmaline more, will be more flash, that is, the more flashing tourmaline, the higher the price. Of course, the final price of the tourmaline or to follow the value of the law, the higher the value, the higher the price will be. With the people love the tourmaline more and more, its value is getting higher and higher, so the price is getting higher and higher.

Tourmaline has a kaleidoscope-like color, known as “falling into the human rainbow fairy.” Domestic jewelry market, the fastest price trend, the most concerned about the market was tourmaline. Good tourmaline prices far more than gold, and even some and red sapphire price is almost the same. Of course, this is Cheap Van Cleef Clover Ring to be very good quality of the tourmaline to be so. And the quality of the tourmaline prices, is much lower than the red sapphire.

Gems require tourmaline bright colors, pure, evenly distributed, ribbon and color ring color requirements are pure uniform, ribbon, color ring boundaries Fake Hermes Kelly Dog Bracelet clear. In general, the more uniform color, pure, beautiful, the higher the price of tourmaline. Gem on the market, with a transparent luster of the blue tourmaline, highly tempting red tourmaline and representative of the natural and hope of the green tourmaline for the top grade, pink, black, brown tourmaline followed by colorless tourmaline the lowest price. Green tourmaline to emerald green the best, followed by yellow and green. And the price of good red tourmaline than the same size of green tourmaline higher than 2/3.