Rome’s Piazza di Spagna is always bustling, and 60 years ago, the beautiful and energetic Audrey Hepburn’s steps on the steps of the square not only made her own film career, but also made her own film career. Is the achievements of the Spanish square in the eyes of tourists real 18k gold Cartier Jewelry  in the special status. Now Hepburn’s bright eyes still in front of the Spanish square has long been not like that year, turned to become a synonym for Rome luxury store gathering place. Starting from 10 am every morning, the Spanish square was filled with tens of thousands of customers who bought luxury goods and made real 18k gold Amulette de Cartier Bracelet a sharp contrast with Via Margutta near it. This quiet and beautiful alley is the famous Artist Street in Rome, many galleries, handicrafts shops and a few quite small little restaurant quietly located here. For hundreds of years, European artists have appeared to be particularly fond of this, Flanders painter Peter Rubens, Italian painter Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi and famous director Federico Federico Fellini has lived here. Gianni Bulgari chose to put his own jewelry store GB-Enigma in this street, vaguely also revealed his attitude to the jewelry industry.

“Design is the most important character of jewelry, I have no doubt about this point.” Jani Bulgari in an interview with the emphasis stressed. Born in the famous Bulgari family, his name itself is almost synonymous with luxury. After the death of Giorgio Bulgari in 1966, Jenny Bulgari took over his father’s position as chairman and chief executive officer of Bulgari. Under his leadership, Bulgari opened the international business model, in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Paris, respectively, opened a branch. In the late 70s of last century, he completely changed the company, created a Bulgari watch industry, and he himself is focused on product design and development. real 18k gold Van Cleef Clover Bracelet However, in the near future, Jenny Bulgari resigned from the post of president, and completely left the family business. “In the family, everyone’s opinion is difficult to get unified.” Jenny explained the reason for his departure, “I have been doing rare gem trading in the first 25 years of my business, and then I suddenly realized that Bulgari Should be located in a more different market, or easier access to the market, the jewelry design in the first place and not just to sell some unnecessary gem to make money.Of course, this is not to say that precious stones with jewelry is not good, but I think the most fundamental value of jewelry should be the value of its design, and then it is the value of its material, such as gold or diamonds, etc. Take a gem to create a ring or a necklace is not difficult, but if you want jewelry out of ‘Gems’ dependencies, you have to use your concept and design to fill the vacancy. ”

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In the family business can not be real 18k gold Van Cleef Clover Earrings completely self-realization of the Jenny cartier chose to build their own jewelry brand GB-Enigma. “GB” is the acronym for his name, and “Enigma” is the name of the dueling machine used by the Germans to encrypt and decrypt from “World War II”. “I still choose to return to the original industry, because I have always felt that the value of jewelry should depend on the added value of the design, rather than the precious stones.” Unlike the Bulgari company, GB-Enigma in the world only two Shop, and its sale of all products by Jani Bogley personally designed. “We have a lot of jewelry, but the number of each sale is very small. Mr. Bulgari hope that every customer here is out of the product design for the sincere love to buy our products.” Gerry said.