POLO MARK Paul Mark’s founder, RAYK-PETER SCHAUFL, realized the importance of industrial transformation at this time, and set up a studio in the Jurassic Valley, real 18k gold Cartier nail earrings Switzerland, and then built its own factory. 1890 officially launched the watch as POLO MARK, and gradually expand the international market. RAYK-PETER SCHAUFL family by virtue of the watchmaking technology dedication and enthusiasm, delineate a vibrant and pioneering spirit of the Royal gentleman brand – POLO MARK

POLO MARK Paul Mark watches how much money

How is the Paul Mark watch?

POLO MARK watch adhering to the challenges of POLO movement, passion and temperament. POLO MARK watch brand from the date of birth, was real 18k gold Cartier Nail Ring given the royal temperament of this POLO movement, while the POLO MARK brand of each watch, are to follow a hundred years of manual watchmaking process. Will POLO MARK brand advocated pioneering spirit, enterprising passion and royal temperament, into each watch into.

POLO MARK Paul Mark watches how much money

POLO MARK Paul Mark is in the middle of the watch brand, the domestic watch price is usually between 500 yuan – 3000 yuan.

2015 smart watch products should be concerned about the best Apple’s Apple Watch. But in the CES2015 show an official Alcatel launched Alcatel OneTouch watch is also very interesting. Here to follow the watch home to look at it!

Alcatel OneTouch smart watch evaluation presentation

Overall, the main features of this smart watch and the current mainstream wearable equipment, including activity monitoring, multimedia remote control. Taking into account the Alcatel OneTouch before the introduction of more cheap low-end mobile phones, the media speculated that the price of this smart watch will be more close to the people, should be less than 200 US dollars, the news that the price of 149 US dollars, but has not yet received official confirm.

Alcatel OneTouch uses a classic round dial design, stainless steel shell, strap and clasp and life in the general  watch somewhat similar. Watch the built-in real 18k gold Hermes Leather Collier De Chien Bracelet accelerometer, through which users can view the time and notification information. It is worth mentioning that this watch’s protective performance is good, to the IP67 standard (IP67 standard refers to the protection of dust inhalation and protection of temporary soaking). Support for Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

However, OneTouch watch strap is not replaceable, which makes many people feel disappointed, because most of the smart watches are supported strap replacement, allowing users to customize the choice. In this regard, Alcatel explained that OneTouch watch does not support strap replacement because the OneTouch strap built-in NFC chip and USB port.

Watch the battery is not, only 210mAh. Alcatel said the battery can support 5 days of life, and within 1 hour can be filled through the strap’s USB interface.

1.22 inch display is a bit narrow, but because it is a circular dial, the layout of the interface is reasonable, so the screen information does not seem so messy mess.

Surprisingly, the Alcatel OneTouch watch does not run the Android Wear operating system, but uses its own operating system, support for information notification, heart rate monitoring and other functions. This smartphone can be connected to both Android phones (4.3 and above) or iOS devices (iOS 7 and above).

In this regard, Alcott did not publish too much information, just mentioned OneTouch watch using ST Micro ST429 chip. Media speculation, OneTouch watch the overall configuration should not be high, but can run the built-in operating system.

Oregger OREAGER is Ruian City Erda Watch Co., Ltd. under the brand. In 2005, the Swiss Oulei OREAGER table in order to better expand the Chinese market in China granted Ruian City Erda watches and clocks, Ltd. for the Asia-Pacific region’s total distributors, Oulei watches is a professional production of the watch business, the company set Research and development, production and sales in one.

Oulig OREAGER watch how much money?

Oulei OREAGER watch the main sports section to get more power. Products in the comparison of Western culture under the influence of “natural” artistic expression differences. The team uses the “black”, “white” “gold” classic color match, design a natural product, express the understanding of art.

Oulig OREAGER watch how

Oulei OREAGER brand to natural, fashion, vitality as a starting point. In the use of color, in addition to the main color of black and gold, but also with the trend of the real 18k gold Hermes jewelry  annual trend, joined the season’s popular elements rich brand integrity. In the overall design to create a simple and neat urban fashion, to express the individual personality of the individual color!

Oulig OREAGER watch how much money

Oulige watches originated in Switzerland, with Swiss watch the excellent quality. But because Ouleier belong to the mid-range table, so the price is not high. Generally between 400-5000 yuan!

Polar Boone watch is a sports watch in Finland. English called Polar sports tester referred to: PST. In China’s sports sector is one of the most common instruments, the training of sports play a very important role.

Introduction to Polar

The ultimate sports heart rate table for the health, fitness, fat reduction, running, cycling, outdoor climbing and other different groups of different characteristics and needs to provide different, personalized product solutions. Bo Teng table has many excellent features; in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia and Hong Kong region has been widely appreciated; national and regional athletes and fitness, weight loss as the heart and other important parts of the protection of God.

The function of

1. real-time detection of your heartbeat number;

2. To ensure the purpose of the movement to achieve the results of the data of the exercise;

3. will lose weight, physical plan to achieve a multiplier effect;

4. To effectively determine whether your exercise exceeds the heart and body load, to avoid accidents;

5. Monitor exercise intensity, to prevent lack of exercise or excessive, reduce muscle strain and soreness;

6. accompany you to remind you to exercise;

7. Test your physical health to make your exercise more visual.