Sixth: Rolex (Rolex): watch the field of overlord

Rolex is perhaps the one you are most familiar with.

“Rolex” company’s predecessor was “W & D” company. By the German Khan Swisher and the British Davis in 1905 (Qing Guangxu 31 years) in Lundon partnership business. In 1908, Wyndhamov registered the “Rolex” trademark in Rashidafen, Switzerland, and “W & D”Cheap Amulette de Cartier Earrings  was changed to “Rolex”. Rolex watches the original sign for a finger out of the fingers, it means that the brand’s watch is entirely hand-crafted. Later gradually evolved into the crown of the registered trademark to show its dominance in the field of watches, is the world’s most valuable 10 brands third, the only watch brand.

20 years of the 20th century, Rolex company to develop the first waterproof watch. In 1926, Rolex’s waterproof watch officially registered. Rolex watch design style has been in a “solemn, practical, not flash” by all walks of life loved, especially in the Far East and the Middle East region.

Seventh: Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin): aristocratic works of art

Vacheron Constantin, founded in 1775, has a long history, Vacheron Constantin founder is the philosopher Jean-Marc Vacheron (Jean Marc Vacheron), he was knowledgeable, skilled, the watch industry is a great master, but also of Lu Suo and Voltaire good friend. That is, he set up the world’s first watch factory, this watch factory is Vacheron Constantin’s predecessor. 1819 by Francois Constantin to overseas successful promotion of products, he will also push the skills to perfect. “Feasibility is always there” – the motto of becoming a business. In 1891, Vacheron’s grandson and FrancoisConstantin work together, watch factory name to Vacheron Constantin – that is, watch factory today’s name Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin only produces more than 20,000 tables per year. It’s like OPEC’s crude oil production is limited to raise oil prices. Of course, Vacheron Constantin and OPEC have different things. Crude oil is mass consumer goods, Vacheron Constantin is aristocratic works of art. It is worth watching that Vacheron Constantin has spent 240 years. The watchmaking industry is the most important industry in Switzerland, and in the past today, Vacheron Constantin has always played a key role in the history of Swiss watchmaking.

Eighth: Piaget watch (Piaget): worthy of appreciation of the supreme treasure

Piaget table for the table from the rising star. It ranks among the ranks of first-class watches, or the late 40s of this century things. This day to make countless Fake Cartier Juste un Clou Necklace family rich woman aspire to the top table, before its takeoff, but has experienced nearly a hundred years of slow development. The founder of the Piaget table is a farmer named Rachel Oaksfeld in the Jurassic Mountains in Switzerland. In 1874, he set up a watchmaking room, organized his 14 children for the production of other watchmaking companies, but also to “Piaget” brand production of finished products only to sell the local market. After the Second World War, the two grandchildren, Gillard and Van Lenting, were reorganized to launch the first “Earl” watch. As the Piaget table excellent quality, and soon played a brand. Since the development of the count table regardless of shape, color are filled with the mainstream of the modern atmosphere. As the current president of the company, said: “You look at the time from the count, is to enjoy a supreme treasure.

Founded in 1874 the Swiss watch – PIAGET, with excellent design talent, as well as superb watchmaking technology, PIAGET led the table altar for a century, so that the world watch industry shine, shining.

PIAGET first slim mechanical operation device, outstanding achievements, is the history of the watch industry legend. Today, PIAGET produced, each part is made by PIAGET studio, unique, dignified, and even set up a cast gold factory, in order to perfect.

In addition to the unique mechanical operation device, PIAGET design mind is a total of people, all cases and bracelets are bound to use 18K gold or platinum casting, and the surface design is more colorful, unique, Valuable precious stones such as lapis lazuli, coral stone, mother of pearl, tiger eye stone, agate and other carved surface decoration, the effect of gorgeous eye-catching, amazing.

PIAGET while also producing highly Cheap Van Cleef Perlee Ring artistic value of precious jewelery and watches jewelry, the choice of valuable diamonds, rubies, Lan Baoshi and emeralds, PIAGET spent hundreds of hours of meticulous craftsmen to complete the creation of a work, so that it does not Negative PIAGET

Ninth: Omega (OMEGA): achievements and perfect representative

Omega watches and the advertising industry are well-known name from the Greek alphabet (omega), began in 1848, loved by the taste of people. Omega in the sailing, athletics, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsor the European golf tournament, won the Olympic Games designated timer as many as thirty times. Omega is the first and only one on the moon was wearing a watch.

Omega also invited a number of celebrities as image ambassadors, as we are familiar with jazz Formula One champion Michael Schumacher, figure skating champion Chen Lu, the Swiss number one tennis player Xindi Si, sailboat racer Peter Blake, golfer Ernie Aspen, Pierre Brosnan, Cindy Crawford, Simon Yam, Qi Qi and other top people.

Tenth: Jaeger-Le Coulter: create the “Guinness Book of Records”

The predecessor of Jaeger-LeCoultre was founded in 1883 by Chase Anthony Rachel’s watchmaking company, founder of a skilled craftsman who invented the accuracy of the measurement to 1/1000 mm ” Micro-meter “, so that the processing accuracy of watches and clocks greatly improved. Won the gold medal at the World Exposition held in London in 1851. About 90 years later, Rachel’s grandson – David. La Koe off with the French precision navigation timer manufacturer Edmund. Fake Van Cleef Perlee Necklace 

1992, Jaeger-LeCoultre created a “Guinness Book of Records” micro-movement 2 order (1 = 2.256 mm), shocked the watch industry. In 1953, the British Queen Elizabeth II is wearing an all-platinum inlaid diamonds plot family 2 order table. Twenty or thirty years, Jaeger-LeCoultre company designed for the polo player shock, impact-resistant “flip table” has become a sign of a series of family, enduring. In 1982, Jaeger-LeCoultre developed the “ATMOS” bell to create another glory of Jaeger-LeCoultre.