Even without diamonds, a jewelry piece with these gems gives the wearer such glamor. Pearls used to be only worn by people in the higher classes, Real 18k Gold Replica Van Cleef Arpels Earrings but these elegant gemstones now can satisfy any budget and even taste for that matter.

Being classy may have its disadvantages. Some people consider pearl jewelry as outdated, not something millennials would wear. But we’ll prove this thinking wrong. are affordable luxurious pieces that any woman at any age can wear.

Feminize workwear with pearl necklaces

Workwear can sometimes look so dull and boring. Most white tops don’t go well with most body types too; they lack shape and do not accentuate your curves. Donning on two or more necklaces would do the trick. Eyes would be drawn to the beautiful pieces on your neck, and not on your basic white shirt.

Layer pearl bracelets with friendship bracelets

What better way to make Solid 18k Gold Fake Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra Earrings pearls young and fun but by mixing and matching them with colorful friendship bracelets? These would look best with handcrafted bracelets made of wood, clay, and other organic materials. Come to think of it; pearls are also organic so it’s a match!

Pair white with white

Pearls come in black, gray, and cream. But the most common color is white. Wearing white pearls with an all white outfit takes these classic gems to an unconventional style. Perfect for the minimalists, this style dominates the fashion runways today. White brightens up your aura and is ideal for the summer. Who said an all white outfit is only for brides?

Go Boho. Stack them up!

Wear three or more pearl bracelets and layer them. A bohemian chic loves eye-catching statement jewelry. Instead of the usual silver and turquoise pieces, wear large pearl bracelets. The chunkier, the better!

Wear multi-colored pearl jewelry

If white is too classic for you, Cheap Van Cleef 4-Leaf Clover Studs opt for the less familiar colors. Mabella jewelry has pieces with pearls in lavender, cream, and yellow. If having too many colors is not for you, you can opt for a cranberry red pearl piece. The latter is great as a statement piece if you’re wearing a monochrome top.

Have we convinced you yet?

Pearls are accessories that shouldn’t be unused in your jewelry box. Start a new collection with these gems. Go for both natural and cultured. Get them in various sizes and colors. Pearls will always be on trend so no need to worry about having a lot!

Gemstone jewelry is back on trend this season. 

According to Bonhams, prices achieved for these pieces have risen, which proves their rise in popularity. And who wouldn’t love gemstone jewelry? The burst of color in these pieces accentuates a woman’s femininity and beauty at any age. You can also mix and match the different gemstones to achieve a unique fashion statement.

Yes, they are gorgeous and sparkly, but how can we keep their brilliance? Cleaning them is a must, but one should know how to do it properly. Otherwise, the pieces might lose their vividness and luster. Keep your looking new by following these simple hacks:

Soak them in vinegar.

White vinegar is the best cleaning Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Earrings UK hack tool for jewelry. Not only is it the most convenient, but it’s also the cheapest (and easiest!) alternative to cleaning. Soak the pieces in a bowl of vinegar for a good 15 minutes while occasionally moving them around.

Soak them in soap and water.

Soap and water are best to use for jewelry with soft stones such as turquoise and pearls. Make sure you use a mild detergent and warm water. Wipe the jewelry with a lint-free towel afterward.

Use an old toothbrush.

The soft bristles of a toothbrush wouldn’t damage the gems. If you use hard brushes, you’ll end up doing so. Dip the toothbrush in a gentle liquid detergent and water solution. Brush the crevices, edges, prongs, and groves of the pieces lightly. Rinse with clean tap water.

Brush them with baking soda paste.

Mix three parts baking soda to one part water in a small bowl. Scrub the gems with the pulp using a toothbrush to get rid of grime. Rinse off any residue by running them under water.

Use a glass or window cleaner to make them shine.

A household glass cleaner can quickly remove dirt on your jewelry and gives a brilliant shine. These cleaners are usually in a spray container but do not spray directly on the jewelry. Instead, fill a small bowl with the cleaner and soak the pieces in it like you would with vinegar. Use pliers or wear gloves, especially if you are allergic to this type of chemicals.

Use an ammonia cleaner.

If you’re brave enough to use a strong chemical, use ammonia to restore the sparkle in your jewelry. Soak the pieces in one part ammonia to three parts water Real 18k Gold Replica Van Cleef Arpels Perlee Necklace solution. Going more than one part might harm your jewelry so be careful not to put a lot of this chemical. After 15 minutes, scrub residue away with a toothbrush.

Use aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil is great for cleaning tarnished silver. Most gemstone jewelry is silver and when you not taken care off might result to tarnishing. Place your tarnished jewelry in a bowl lined with a crumpled piece of aluminum foil. Sprinkle baking soda and pour boiling water. Solid 18k Gold Fake Van Cleef Perlee Bracelet Turn the pieces on all sides using a pair of pliers. Remove once the tarnish transferred to the foil. Finally, rinse with tap water.

Gemstone jewelry like other jewelry lasts a long time, especially if you care for them properly. Store them neatly in a jewelry box with soft velvet fabric. Their brilliance will remain if  you regularly clean them.