For many ladies, to get the latest bag is a very exciting thing. But you may not know, men actually buy a package in this matter than women to real 18k gold Amulette de Cartier Ring spend more. An interesting study shows that men spend an average of £ 106 for a package, compared to £ 42 for ladies, and the young men are the main purchasing power of men’s bags. Industry insiders said that in the past, handbags by men’s ridicule, but now they are used to carry. Men prefer to choose a luxury brand of bags, while women are more inclined to relatively cheap for the commercial street (High Street) style bag. (Compiled from the “Daily Mail” website)

Charity institutions want to be lucky old cat “pension” have to rely on

The British “Lincolnshire Trust” is a charity that operates the world’s only real 18k gold Hermes kelly dog bracelet old-age cat’s nursing home. There are currently nearly 80 older cats here for comfortable days. The establishment of such a body is mainly for those who worry that they can not take care of their pets master prepared. The nursing home covers an area of 7 acres, the house a variety of facilities are complete, central heating, and each room are south, to ensure that the cat who can bathe enough daylight. However, in order to stay must pay a thousand pounds to pay a cat in the future may occur, such as medical expenses.

(Compiled from “Oddity Central” website)

The female shopping cycle coincides with its own physical cycle

Researchers at the University of Texas have recently said: Women’s shopping desire for a strong time coincides with their ovulation period. This conclusion is based on a survey of more than 500 women between the ages of 18 and 40. This is like a fisherman netting, ovulation period of women will expand the scope of the date, looking for potential for their own objects. The desire of women for different males in the ovulation period triggers their psychological state for the diversity of various items. But when they are asked to imagine their own love or wear a wedding ring, even in the ovulation period, their shopping desire is not real 18k gold Hermes Logo Earrings strong. Which for those who stare at the female wallet business, but valuable information ah!

(Compiled from the “Daily Mail” website)

Alaska has the most “money” bar

Homer in Alaska has a unique style of “bargain” bar Salty Dawg Saloon. Here, the traditional sense of stickers and napkins on the walls and ceilings with customer reviews are covered by a sheet of money. Due to its peculiar interiors, the bar became a favored landmark in the town. The hut was the predecessor of the train station, post office, etc., in 1957 into a bar. The tradition of nail money originated in a few decades ago when a guest nailed a dollar to the wall as a prepayment for his friend’s drink, but then it was imitated and commented on by many latecomers Look like.

(Compiled from “Oddity Central” website)

Green vegetation full coverage of the home like a small ecology

61-year-old Patrick Blanc (Patrick Blanc) is a French botanist, he designed green plants and ordinary buildings in the vertical garden (vertical gardens) is known. real 18k gold hermes clic h ring But none of them was alive in the suburbs of Paris, like the “Urban Jungle” general house. Appearance, the house is no special, but there are no cave inside. Branches covered three walls, the study is located in a huge fish tank above the glass plate separated, the fish tank water all year round warm, so can also study in the winter heating. This natural environmental design here is everywhere. Blank admitted that in this stressful society, green plants will make people have a positive psychological effect.