Held in New York last week, Christie’s spring auction of jewelry, the Italian designer Fulco di Verdura creation in 1935 of a bracelet for $ 100,000 deal. replica Cartier jewelry the personal belongings of Coco Chanel by Verdura specially designed for her work during the Replica Cartier Jewelry.

Fulco di Verdura This is one of the earliest works of jewelry, bracelet base with silver, the side walls being arc contour, surface also decorated with cream-colored enamel, fake Cartier jewelry think Verdura in Replica Cartier Jewelry as a jewelry designer during It works – Replica Cartier Love Bracelet.

Verdura studded with three different colors of imitation gems in this work were to imitate emerald, ruby ​​and sapphire color. Bracelet set with a central arc cutting green imitation gems; Cheap Cartier jewelry  cabochon red imitation gems; edge also dotted with six square cut blue imitation gemstones.

While not the signature bracelet, lots of brands with a Verdura certified letter, Imitation Cartier jewelry piece really is in accordance with Fulco di Verdura as Coco Chanel design drawings made.

In 1940, Fulco di Verdura Verdura jewelry brand founded in the United States, assigned to his business partner after death. In 1985, the brand was acquired by American businessman Ward Landriga, this auction buyers are now the Verdura brand, will become part of the history of the brand collections.