Necklace is a kind of exposed more, but also very attractive than the eyes of the jewelry, so he is also a lot of women essential jewelry. Today’s necklace style has been more and more, from the necklace style, material, or value, etc. have a great choice. Among Cartier Juste un Clou Ring solid 18k gold them, the material is the most common classification of the necklace. Necklace material is also a lot, from the resin, metal, shells, hemp rope these common, cheap material, or some valuable precious metals, such as gold, platinum, silver, etc., will be one of the Cartier love bracelet replica choice of necklace material. In these materials, there is a material is the most commonly used to make necklace – Au 750. Do you know him? Here let us look at what is au750 necklace it.

In the metal name, au means gold. Therefore, au750 certainly and gold. Yes, Au750 necklace is a gold alloy necklace. So what is the gold alloy? Gold alloy is in the pure gold by adding some of the rest of the non-gold metal material, such as copper, silver, zinc this. These metals and pure gold through a different proportion of the formation of gold is the alloy. The meaning of au750 is gold content of 75% gold alloy. The rest of his 25% of the ingredients are the rest of the metal. And like au750 necklace fake Hermes Kelly double tour bracelet such jewelry, then the necklace will generally be printed u750 or 18K words. In fact, as we imagine that, au750 is 18k gold, gold purity is 75%.

Au750 is the perfect combination of gold and other metals produced by an alloy, so certainly also have some very good nature. Colorful, have a strong scalability, and can thus create a number of unique style, style and complex design, which is some of the advantages of au750. It is because the au750 Cartier love ring replica produced by the style is very novel, so although the value of au750 itself and no gold cake, but the value of au750 necklace is sometimes not lower than the gold necklace to low.

A few years ago, the gold market gradually grow, gold prices are gradually rising, more and more investors and consumers will also focus on the gold market.

Gold hardness is relatively soft, so the gold ring also appears to be relatively soft. When wearing a gold ring, pay attention to the possibility of gold ring may be broken. In this case, a value is not low jewelry so there is a break, it is very distressed ah! In addition, in the folk, there is a superstitious argument, similar to the constant gold ring of this kind of thing, if broken, is sure that you will have some next disaster, a symbol of your previous good things are about to burst, the arrival of Will be a scourge. What about this? Do not worry, a more precious, symbolic love of the gold ring if accidentally broken, or very some remedial measures.

If your own gold ring due to external solid 18k gold Hermes H earrings force or some other circumstances and inadvertently broken, then do not worry, do not feel bad luck, you can first break the gold ring to close up, this is still a remedy. After that, you can first take a time to buy this gold ring gold shop to leave, where you can repair, can help you re-casting a Cartier nail bracelet replica new gold ring. This is the treatment of “gold ring off how to do” the most effective and most standard one way.

In addition, it should be noted that under normal circumstances they can not repair the ring of the gold ring repair, if their blindly repair replica hermes h ring the gold ring, it is likely to further damage the gold ring, so there may be delayed to the gold ring service. So if their own gold ring is broken, it is necessary to get it as soon as possible to buy a place for professional master to deal with.

However, the most important point after the repair of the ring is to pay attention to wear gold jewelry to pay attention to the matter. In the future life, we must be careful to treat the gold ring, careful not to let it be external interference, pay attention to the maintenance of the gold ring to prevent its fracture.