Women love the package is a kind of unspeakable subtle feelings, for women, the package is filled with a woman’s needs and privacy, but also contained a woman for several years or even decades of ideas and habits. However, a lot of women, in front of a wide variety of beautiful bags, but I do not know how to choose In fact, as a woman, especially professional women, the package is not too little, not the more the better. Only need to have the following five packages, should be enough.

The first package, professional package

Occupation package is also used real 18k gold Cartier jewelry when the work package. It should be put under the A4 file books so much, the color is relatively neutral, slightly stronger cortex, modeling relative to the solemn. Rather than readily put on a loose shape is not the shape of the kind, that would give people a look at what is a collapsed career image. Then there is the best not to choose shoulder bag. If the shoulder, then a heavy package, which also put a lot of things, will be a woman crushed, there is no sense of professionalism. In the color of the election package, elements Ya some, not too gorgeous. If only selected a bag, it is best to use with a variety of occasions.

The second package, feminine bag

This type of bag is also a public and private use of partial women’s design package. It is best to be a shoulder strap. When the private use of some items, the appointment is enough to deal with shopping. If the work or public out, need to “left back right”, it can be used real 18k gold Trinity de Cartier Bracelet as a subsidiary package, with the third package with the use.

The third package, computer package

This is purely professional. If you are a person who needs to travel frequently or go out for a meeting, who must carry a computer or a lot of information with me. So, this similar men’s briefcase “computer package” must have. Often see some professional women in the hands of paper bags and plastic bags are rushing to rushed to the meeting site, it is disgrace. This package, remember that must be used with the second package with the use of a single, then a bit like a man. Neutral women for angular, soft women fit the lines of soft, of course, pay attention to the coordination of color. The fourth package, travel with the package

This category is for travel or leisure occasions. Bags will be more sandwich, the quality is relatively strong and safe, have a certain sense of quality. This kind of bag is best to be back, because you have to free your hand to pull your luggage or take the other

Western. When the rest of the time to go shopping, is likely to buy several paper bags of clothes, you have to put out the hand. Most afraid of the side of the shoulder bag to get rid of, you always want to consider its sense of stability, but also left hand to take paper bags, right hand holding plastic bags real 18k gold Van Cleef Perlee Bracelet what, very troublesome!

The fifth package, evening bag

Most of the evening packages are used in social occasions such as parties or concerts. Then this type of package to choose some of the appearance of relatively small, delicate, gorgeous and feminine type, like this package is best in the usual shopping when you should buy to spare. If it is a wearing a long evening dress with a woman, but dragging a large bag contrary to the occasion, real 18k gold Van Cleef Butterfly Earrings it is quite irregular.

Women’s bags, must be used to change the occasion, and put them out of the logic of the rhythm of the United States, everyone in the choice of the package when combined with personal figure, character, age, TOP social role and other factors to consider.