Diamonds at any time, are people can not refuse, the greater the brighter diamonds, although we often in the entertainment news to see the actress’s bright large replica Hermes jewelry carat pigeon eggs, but for the average wage earners, 0.3 carat diamond Is still the mainstream trend of buying, in the market, 0.3 carat size of the diamond is also the most popular. In my world of love, only you most suitable for my love, only you know my mind, what sworn, what sea and stone rotten, all can not escape the charm of diamonds, then 0.3 carat diamond how?

0.3 carat diamonds

Love is priceless, diamonds are eternal, the same as a witness of love 0.3 karats of diamonds should not be used to measure the price. If you choose a meaningful diamond is the best, but a meaningful diamond ring will be more than a simple ring is more impressive, Zoca wedding ring is the world’s most romantic, the most precious ring, every One has its different meaning, the diamond is the most symbol of long-lasting love keepsake, is the highest commitment to love, such a memorial way will make each other’s feelings more unforgettable.

0.3 carat diamonds in the Cheap Cartier Juste un Clou Earrings market today to occupy the mainstream status, to ensure that the diamond color, clarity, cut grade and workmanship on the basis of a good price is very important, no doubt, the decision to the most important price of 0.3 carat diamond Factors are diamonds on the diamond ring, and diamonds have 4C standard decision, 0.3 carat diamond prices, the weight of 40% to 60%, cut 20% to 35%, 15% to 20% color, clarity of 15% ~ 25%. Which color is divided into three categories 11 levels, the price difference between the types of 10% to 15%, each level and a difference of 10%.

0.3 carat diamonds

0.3 carat diamond is what we usually say 30 points diamonds, 0.3 carat diamond how much? First to know how much 1 carat diamond, 1 carat = 100 points = 0.2 grams, then 0.3 carat = 0.006 grams, simply look at the size of the diamond from the weight, 0.3 carat diamond is very small, with the object described as we eat rice , Should only be about one-third of the rice so big, this everyone should have a heart of the idea of it, if you can use a 30-point diamond ring to marry, that girl is how happy ah!

For every moment of diamonds, have their own unique characteristics, like your love, like, have their own personality, in the choice of 0.3 carats of diamonds, you have to grasp the different characteristics of each diamond, such as color The gap, the shape of the subtleties, these are the details you need to pay attention to, no matter how much you choose the bare drill, have to choose the most self-characteristics of that one.

Diamonds are hard to think of diamond, diamond is a natural mineral, is the original stone of diamonds. Simply put, diamonds in the earth deep high pressure, high temperature conditions Cheap Trinity de Cartier Bracelet formed by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals. Today, diamonds are no longer mysterious, but not only the royal family can enjoy the treasures, it has become the people who can have, wear the public gem. The culture of diamonds has a long history, and today people see it as a symbol of love and loyalty, making a variety of jewelry to wear, then, diamond jewelry how to maintain?

Diamond jewelry

Diamond diamonds, diamonds and precious rings, as well as diamonds and gold diamonds in the diamond earrings, rings, diamonds, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, What are the general categories? Diamond jewelry is basically divided into earrings, neck ornaments, jewelry, footwear and clothing 5 categories.

Earrings include: earrings, earrings, ear lines, ear hanging.

Items include: necklaces, pendants, collars.

Bags include: rings, bracelets, bracelets.

Footwear includes: anklet, foot ring.

Apparel refers specifically to Cheap Amulette de Cartier Necklace clothing on the accessories, including collar flowers, tie clip, pectoral, cufflinks.

How to maintain diamond jewelry?

Diamond jewelry

(1) Do not wear diamond jewelry when washing hands, using cosmetics or working in the kitchen, because soap, dairy and stains will affect the brilliance of diamond jewelry and make it blurry.

(2) Do not mix several diamond jewelry together in the jewelry box, so as to avoid the friction caused by wear, it is best to wrap with thin paper, or put them in different boxes in the small grid.

(3) diamonds should always be clean to keep its luster, by using a few drops of liquid soap, mix thoroughly in the 2 times the amount of warm water, and then put the diamonds into the rotation, and gently scrub with a small brush, and then diamond ornaments In the warm water cleaning, and then immersed in medical alcohol to remove the soap, and finally dry with a fine gauze.

(4) Diamond jewelry is best to get a jewelry shop every year to check once to see if the diamond has been loose, whether the needle is bent and insurance deduction is not fault, etc., can also ask the jewelry store to clean.

Diamond jewelry is like every woman, then, how to Cheap Amulette de Cartier Ring match the diamond jewelry? Due to personal identity, age, appearance, temperament, size and so on, in the diamond jewelry with the need to pay attention to their own characteristics to match, to avoid weaknesses, especially in the diamond jewelry need to highlight their own characteristics, Their own characteristics and advantages, will be the most perfect side of their own show in front of others. The color of each season are not the same, the same diamond with the need to be different, diamond jewelry with the need to match the season, gold, dark diamond jewelry for cold season wear, and silver, brilliant colors are more Suitable for warm season wear.

Now with the pursuit of individuality, more and more began to focus on the overall effect at the same time, consider the outstanding personality, which requires flexible to deal with diamond jewelry. Professional wear with a diamond chest can instantly let you become agile, of course, this is only one of them, we do not rigidly in the diamond jewelry with a part, you can choose the decorative embellishment.